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Interview with Founder of Nutratrade

 Logo Nutratrade S R L

Nutratrade SRL

is a start-up engaged not only in the 'import of raw materials for the industry of food supplements, cosmetics and nutrition, but also can offer an advisory service to 360 degrees for all customers acquired in recent years and new clients interested in developing a brand or just anyone who wants to replace an existing brand.

How did Nutratrade?

I worked in the field of raw materials for several years and, after consolidating a significant experience in the family business, operating in the same industry for more than twenty years, I decided to give birth to a new company, young and dynamic.

The objectives achieved in the family, where I held the position of sales manager for a few years, and the deep market knowledge gained during these years have greatly encouraged me and motivated to take this new adventure alone.

The aim is certainly to grow personally and professionally in a field that I am passionate about and that forged my skills fi n the early years of my professional experience.

Nutratrade Ltd., as the name suggests, arises then on the market as a new company dedicated to the international trade in raw materials for the cosmetic and nutritional field and plant extracts.

You want to briefly describe the structure of Nutratrade?

The company is located in the province of Milan, just thirty minutes from Malpensa Airport, thirty minutes from downtown Milan and to no more than ten minutes from the new Expo area that is rising to the North entrance of the city. This feature facilitates us both as regards flights departing (import) both as regards the organization of meetings with our international guests, in a stage as Milan center.

The new business area has a total surface surfaces of 499 square meters divided into 99 square meters of distribution room, 250 square meters dedicated to the wholesale warehouse and 150 square meters dedicated to offi ces and meeting room.

What are the raw materials for which you have already experienced and which are the new ones?

Our main historical products are: red yeast rice, berberine, curcumin in granules and powder, biocurcumina, lactoferrin, cranberry, d-mannose from birch and policosanol from sugar cane; mostly all Chinese and Indian herbal extracts.

Accordingly, Nutratrade is able to customize the product to the customer's request; Research is, in fact, one of our main strengths, together with development and management of fi nished products through third parties (subcontractors our customers), to arrive fi no to the finished product.

More generally, our aim is to offer products with the highest activity of molecules available ative always very high, and of course microbiologically tested, to give our customers the best quality and the maximum concentration of the active elements of the raw material supplied.

What are the quality systems applied?

In order to stand out in an increasingly competitive market, where the war for prices, sparingly, influence the quality of the product, we decided that the first quality system that we apply lies in the careful and meticulous selection of raw materials and extracts plant. That said, we rely on our team of interior biologists, working in close collaboration with an external laboratory with Accredia certification (a leading European accreditation bodies for quality control).

How would you define the commercial offer of Nutratrade?

As briefly mentioned, our offer presents itself as a very high quality with competitive prices; all without forgetting the possibility of finalizing annual contracts with even cheaper prices.

What are the current and future goals?

Without a doubt, as a new start-up, our first goal is to spread the "Nutratrade" brand, as a new market player, but also as a synonym for quality in the selection of raw materials and extracts.

While aware of the many actors already well established in today's landscape, I feel that Nutratrade may be able to be distinguished by the flexibility that today is used by firms to meet increasingly diversified and customized market demands. In the long term, however, our goal is certainly to should stand out for the quality of our products, the service and reliability.