PROCYSTIN: Dry Extract of Birch Titrated to 99% in D-Mannose, 100% Natural product that hinders the adhesion of E. coli at the level of the bladder.

Nutratrade srl proposes Procistin, a new product based on dry extract of Birch titrated at 99% in D-mannose, an important ally in the fight against urinary infections.
Recurrent UTIs are most often sustained by bacteria, in particular by strains of facultative anaerobes that derive from the intestinal flora and cause inflammation of the bladder mucosa. This form of inflammation is mainly due to the action of bacteria such as Escherichia coli and represents a typical, but not exclusive, condition of the female gender (this is due to an anatomical issue, since women's urethra, shorter than in that of men, favors the ascent of bacteria to the bladder).
Procistin has a high content (99%) of D-mannose, a completely natural simple sugar as it is already present in our body or in foods that we normally eat, capable of binding to pili (filamentous protein appendages that are found on the surface of some bacterial cells ) of the bacterium E.Coli responsible for 85% of the forms of cystitis and more generally of 35% of cases of urinary infections. The mechanism of action underlying the anti-infective activity of Procistin is represented by the competitive inhibition of bacterial adhesion to urothelial cells.
The E. Coli bacterium has numerous filamentous appendages on its surface, called fimbriae or more generally pili, at the end of which there are adhesins (protein complexes) with high affinity for the glucose residues of the surface glycoproteins of the cells that make up the mucosa bladder. These structures give bacteria the ability to adhere to epithelial cells and colonize tissues. The high affinity that D-mannose has for FimH adhesins therefore prevents the initial binding of E. coli to the bladder wall by inhibiting the first stage of bacterial colonization.
This action is made possible by the structure of D-mannose itself, very similar to the binding site of cellular glycoprotein receptors, which allows it to operate as a competitive inhibitor of bacterial adhesion. Procistin not only facility of E. coli on bladder cell receptors, but facilitates its detachment and consequent elimination with the normal urinary flow as well as the restructuring of damaged mucous membranes (reconstruction of the layer of GAG, GlucosAminoGlycans), thus providing greater protection from subsequent bacterial insults, an action that makes Procistin a product also suitable for the prevention of similar episodes.
Procistin is free from side effects being a 100% natural product based on D-mannose, which is not absorbed in the intestine but is excreted as such through urination, without causing its accumulation in the body and thus reaching the maximum concentration in the urinary tract where it is able to perform its antibacterial function at its best. It has also been shown that the affinity of D-mannose contained in Procistin for E. coli fimbriae is higher than that for urinary tract cells. In this way it is possible to prevent the adhesion of new bacterial cells and above all to eradicate the bacteria already adhered to the mucosa.
Procistin blocks the formation of biofilm by bacteria, which represents a complex aggregation of microorganisms characterized by the secretion of an adhesive and protective matrix, thus making them more susceptible to the action of our immune system and preventing future recolonizations. Precisely for this reason Procistin is indicated not only as a therapy against cystitis in the acute phase, but also to counteract the reactivation of inactive bacteria present in the urinary tract.
The intake of Procistin also allows to increase the quantity of D-mannose which makes up the IgA antibodies of our immune system, mainly present in secretions, urine and saliva, whose deficiency is the main cause of the outbreak of infections and cystitis.

PROCISTIN TM Dry extract of Birch titrated to 99% in D-mannose is the solution to prevent and mitigate the symptoms of cystitis and urinary infections.

PROCISTIN TM 99% in D-mannose, 100% natural product, gluten free, allergen free, BTSE / TSE free, irradiation free and GMO free.